YAY! Toilet Toss

YAY! Toilet Toss

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From YAY! comes a bathroom joke-themed target game that’s popular with both kids and adults. Each Toilet Toss game comes with a colored cardboard toilet-shaped target board and 4 swirly poop-shaped squish toys to fling at the board. These tiny poop squish toys are slightly sticky and come in purple, red, yellow, and blue. Each one is also slightly translucent.

  • Age Grade: 5+
  • Product Dimensions/Weight: 6.00 L x 1.13 W x 9.00 H / 0.19 lb
  • Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 9.60 L x 6.40 W x 3.10 H / 0.90 lb
  • Made In: China
  • Batteries not required
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