Donation Policy

Toysmith Charitable Donation Policy

At Toysmith, we are committed to transforming everyday moments into joyful memories for kids everywhere. We are honored to receive inquiries from groups and individuals requesting donations from Toysmith for their various charity projects and events. However, since we cannot oblige all requests, we focus on a set of well-defined areas and purposes with priority on our local community.

As much as possible, we support projects that are 100% charitable. Charitable organizations which promote children’s play, learning and creativity, or charitable organizations which support marginalized and vulnerable children.  Generally speaking, Charitable Organizations are those that fall under the tax class 501 (c).  We prioritize support for community organizations near our Sumner, Washington headquarters that benefit children.

Toysmith does not give financial support, fund sponsorships, scholarships, provide donations for lotteries, fairs, prizes, parties, festivals, auctions, team building events, or donate products to summer camps, waiting rooms, sporting events, or the like.

If your project meets the criteria listed above and you wish to enquire about a product donation, please write to: