Toysmith Space Scape Slime

Toysmith Space Scape Slime

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Space Scape Slime comes in a 3 x 2.75-inch jar with a resealable top. Each one contains 3.88 ounces of slime in two different colors. Available in 3 styles including Moon, Mars, and Neptune. Each space putty is a mix of two colors, including green, orange, purple, and/or blue, and includes a collection of sparkling star confetti in silver, purple, or black. Each slime putty also comes with a tiny packet of scientific facts about the Moon, Mars, or Neptune.

  • Age Grade: 5+
  • Product Dimensions/Weight: 2.85 L x 2.85 W x 2.85 H / 0.46 lb
  • Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 12.00 L x 9.50 W x 3.50 H / 5.90 lb
  • Made In: China
  • Batteries not required
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