YAY! Pre-Filled Display

YAY! Pre-Filled Display


UPC: 085761291225

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Perfect for small spaces like the end of an aisle or a checkout lane, this lightweight and colorful display has a collection of best-selling carded impulse toys from YAY! Comes fully stocked and assembled with 5 of the most popular YAY! items, including Infinite Fidget Toy - Endless Shapes, Brain Bogglers - Four Challenging Puzzles, Finger Decks (Skateboards) Fun Kit, Magic Magnets, and Jumbo Jax Set. 12 each for a total of 60 units in the display.

  • Age Grade: 3+
  • Product Dimensions/Weight: L x W x H / 0.09 lb
  • Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 22.56 L x 22.50 W x 28.60 H / 9.00 lb
  • Made In: China
  • Batteries not required
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