MEGA™ Halo UNSC Elephant Sandnest

MEGA™ Halo UNSC Elephant Sandnest

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This Behemoth-class transport features 8 treads that you can build plus cargo space to carry a UNSC Warthog and 2 UNSC Mongooses (sold separately). Open the UNSC Elephant's back end to reveal a large defense base, complete with fortified wall. This building set also includes 5 Halo action figures that each stand about 2-inches tall: the Master Chief, Sgt. Johnson, Lord Hood and 2 UNSC Marines.

  • Ideal for ages 13+.
  • UNSC Elephant transport vehicle building set with buildable treads and a large transport cargo bay.
  • UNSC Elephant's rear folds out to create a large, 2-level defense base with turret and swivel crane.
  • 5 highly detailed, super poseable micro action figures with swappable combat accessories.
  • 2041 bricks and pieces combine with all MEGA building toys and are compatible with other name brands.
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